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New Artist: Amanda Gordon Thumbnail

New Artist: Amanda Gordon

New Artist: Amanda Gordon. We are delighted to announce that Amanda Gordon has joined our agency. Amanda is

New Artist: Ian Owen Thumbnail

New Artist: Ian Owen

New Artist: Ian Owen. We are pleased to announce that Ian Owen has joined our agency. Ian is

Season’s Greetings Thumbnail

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings from Hugh & Vanessa! As 2023 comes to a close we say thank you.

New Artist: Dee Smith Thumbnail

New Artist: Dee Smith

New Artist: Dee Smith. We are excited to announce that Dee Smith has joined our agency. Dee is

New Artist: Justine Kimmer Thumbnail

New Artist: Justine Kimmer

New Artist: Justine Kimmer. We are thrilled to announce that Justine Kimmer has joined our agency. Justine is

New Artist: Maria Taylor Thumbnail

New Artist: Maria Taylor

New Artist: Maria Taylor. We are excited to announce that Maria Taylor has joined our agency. Maria is

New Artist: Anna Coleman Thumbnail

New Artist: Anna Coleman

New Artist: Anna Coleman. We are happy to announce that Anna Coleman has joined our agency. Anna is

New Artist: Jeremy Paul Thumbnail

New Artist: Jeremy Paul

New Artist: Jeremy Paul. We are happy to announce that renowned wildlife artist Jeremy Paul has joined our

New Artist: Louise Kade Thumbnail

New Artist: Louise Kade

New Artist: Louise Kade. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Louise Kade has joined our art

New Artist: Craig Long Thumbnail

New Artist: Craig Long

New Artist: Craig Long. We are delighted to announce the Craig Long has joined our art agency. Craig

New Artist: Michelle Campbell Thumbnail

New Artist: Michelle Campbell

New Artist: Michelle Campbell. We are thrilled to announce that Michelle Campbell has joined our agency. Michelle works

New Artist: Emanuele Scanziani Thumbnail

New Artist: Emanuele Scanziani

New Artist: Emanuele Scanziani. We are delighted to announce that Emanuele Scanziani has joined our art agency.⁠ ⁠