New Artist: Amanda Gordon. We are delighted to announce that Amanda Gordon has joined our agency.

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Amanda is a professional watercolour artist who specialises in painting wildlife and birds.
After discovering watercolour on a fine art course Amanda fell in love with its unpredictable and uniquely evocative quality.

Amanda gordon watercolour artist flamingo and duck paintings for art licensing

Amanda works from her garden studio on the banks of the Basingstoke Canal on the Hampshire/Surrey border.
She is constantly inspired by the wildlife that shares the space around her. Many of which then become the topic of her paintings.
Amanda gordon watercolour artist coal tit and christmas robin paintings for art licensing
As a child Amanda fell in love with nature.
Seeing red deer coming down from the hills and weasels playing in her garden near Edinburgh and later in Yorkshire.
Watching the elusive, brown hares boxing and chasing in the fields, she became totally fascinated with wildlife.

Amanda tries to convey this passion and the wild, transient beauty of her subjects in the loose, expressive style of her work.

Amanda gordon watercolour artist wolf painting for art licensing
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