New Artist: Ian Owen. We are pleased to announce that Ian Owen has joined our agency.

New artist: ian owen photo of ian owen illustrator art licensing agent
Ian is the creative force behind Folio, a brand of illustrated paper goods with a unique and appealing style.

New artist: ian owen. Ian owen illustrator whale and clown fish illustration for art licensing
Inspired by everyday moments and nostalgic iconography, Folio captivates with its joy-filled imagery and distinctive colour palette.

Ian owen illustrator nuts about you squirrel and love you bunch of flowers illustrations for art licensing

Currently showcased across an impressive range of paper goods, Ian’s designs grace the shelves of numerous esteemed retailers across
the US, Europe, Australia, and are prominently featured in well-known stores throughout the UK.

Ian owen illustrator super mum and rad dad illustrations for art licensing
We are thrilled to be representing Ian’s wonderful portfolio and look forward to working together.

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