New Artist: Hollie McManus. We are delighted to announce that Hollie McManus has joined our art agency!

New artist: hollie mcmanus art licensing

Hollie studied at Bournemouth Arts University, where she gained her degree in Illustration.

She draws inspiration from nature and loves drawing all kinds of flora and fauna.
Hollie enjoys adding her own unique spin on these and adding extra little details and patterns to create designs that are full of colour and interest, often with fun and beautiful hand lettering.

New artist: hollie mcmanus art licensing
Although Hollie still has a passion for drawing and painting on paper, nowadays she works mainly digitally in Procreate.
This allows her the flexibility to really experiment with different colour combinations, layouts and textures.

New artist: hollie mcmanus art licensing
Originally from Hampshire, Hollie now lives near Liverpool with her partner, her horse Pepper and her Hungarian Vizsla Frankie.

⁠Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning Hollie.

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