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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question  Why Register?
Question  What type of Licenses does Image By Design issue?
Question  How do I find and select the image I am looking for?

In order to make selecting images easy all images are categorised and we have included a 'Shortlist' feature where the user can make, save and edit image selections.

Once logged in, when you see any image that you are interested in you can add it to your Shortlist by clicking on the ‘Add to Shortlist’ link under each thumbnail image and above each enlarged image.

After you have made your selections click on the ‘View Shortlist’ tab at the top of the page, here you can see and edit your selected images.
When you are happy with your Shortlist selection you can submit it to us for processing by clicking on the orange ‘Submit Shortlist’ button above your Shortlisted images.

Once logged in you will have five ways of finding the image you are looking for:

Method 1 – Category Search

Perhaps the easiest method is to use the dark category tabs on the Home Page. Once a relevant category is selected a new page will open displaying all the images in that category along with further (sub)category tabs at the top of the page which allow you to drill down your search further. This will occur until there are no further sub-categories.

Please note that a ‘bread-crumb trail’ is provided along the top on all enlarged images which allows you to ‘jump categories’ and view images of similar subject.

Method 2 – Category Search

Use the drop down category menu at the top left of every page. Then follow the steps as outlined in Method 1 above.

Method 3 – Keyword Search

In the Keyword search box type in the relevant word(s), for example ‘cat’ ‘rose’ ‘tree’ etc… Please note that we are currently inputting keywords for all of our images so you may find it more beneficial to use the category searches outlined in Methods 1 & 2 above.

Method 4 – Search by Artist.

There are 4 main ways to search our website by an artist:
  1. Click on the artist’s name under any of their thumbnail images and that will bring up their complete portfolio. This can be done whilst in either the main catalogue or whilst viewing your Shortlist.
  2. Once you have done this (clicked on an artist’s name and viewing their thumbnail images) you will notice at the top of the screen an artist search box opens. This includes a drop down menu listing all our artists.
  3. Any enlarged image displays the artist’s name above it in bold and underlined. If you click on this it too will bring up their complete portfolio.
  4. You can also type in the artist’s alpha code into the keyword search for example 'ASAD’ for Sarah Adams. Or you can type in their name but remember that this search could also return images unrelated to your chosen artsist that share the same name, title or keywords.

Method 5 – Image Enquiry

Alternatively please send us an Image Enquiry by clicking on the Image Enquiry tab at the top of every page. We will let you know if we have the type of imagery you are looking for in our library and if not we can more often than not work together to create it for you.

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