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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question  Why Register?
Question  What type of Licenses does Image By Design issue?
Question  How do I find and select the image I am looking for?
Question  What information is needed in order to issue a License?

Before you submit your finalised Shortlist to IBD Licensing you will be asked to fill out a section where you must state your intended use for the image(s). Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible including: the product(s), sales territory or territories, start date and period of license. This will enable us to process your request quickly.

If you have multiple images with different intended uses (products, territories etc…) please ensure you clearly state which image (use the image code) each use refers to.

Question  How much does a License cost?
Question  How will I receive the high resolution image(s)?
Question  Can IBD Licensing artists be commissioned?
Question  I am an artist looking for a licensing agent, will IBD Licensing represent me?
Question  Can I view the IBD Licensing library of images elsewhere?
Question  Can I view more than 20 thumbnail images per page?
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