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Question  What type of Licenses does Image By Design issue?

The majority of IBD Licensing’s images are available for limited use (rights managed) only. It is usual for us (the Licensor) to issue exclusive licenses for product, period and sales territory to our clients (the Licensee).

Occasionally Image By Design may issues non-exclusive licenses which are still product, period and sales territory specific but not exclusive to one publisher.

At no point will the Licensee be granted the right to sub-license the image(s) in any way.

Question  How do I find and select the image I am looking for?
Question  What information is needed in order to issue a License?
Question  How much does a License cost?
Question  How will I receive the high resolution image(s)?
Question  Can IBD Licensing artists be commissioned?
Question  I am an artist looking for a licensing agent, will IBD Licensing represent me?
Question  Can I view the IBD Licensing library of images elsewhere?
Question  Can I view more than 20 thumbnail images per page?
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